MENASA Student Resources aims to create spaces for MENASA students to come together to create community, celebrate their cultural /religious diversity, as well as provide academic and social support to students.

Each year, we host Fall Welcome for incoming students, MENASA Leadership retreat to help cultivate leadership skills, and the MENASA graduation, which allows students to invite extended family members to attend in a personal setting to receive their sashes. Throughout the year, we also host various events.

We assist around 30 Middle Eastern/North African/South Asian student organizations on campus with programming, leadership development, and more! You can find them on Aggie Life!

Finally, we advocate and educate the UC Davis community about the various hxstorical, cultural, political, and religious dynamics that shape the experiences of our Middle Eastern/North African/South Asian students on campus and alternatively try to provide students the support necessary to flourish academically and professionally in a supportive environment.

Check out our Get Involved page for more information or email us at menasa-resources@ucdavis.edu