The following are just some of the many spaces and resources available on campus to help students find community and enrich their academic experience at UC Davis.

Reflection Room

For folks looking for a quiet space to pray, meditate, or reflect, there are reflection rooms located across campus.

  1. There is currently one in the Student Community Center on the first floor. It can be found in the hallway next to the building kitchen. The front desk staff can help you find it. 
  2. The Services for International Students and Scholars in Global Affairs also has a meditation space located in the International Center building on the first floor
  3. Another meditation room is located in Tercero Residence Halls. The room can be accessed by checking out a key from the Tercero Services Center. The Area Service Desk is located on the first floor of the center, directly across from the area mailboxes. 
  4. Finally, a quiet room can be found in the Women's Resources and Research Center in North Hall and the Cross Cultural Center in the Student Community Center. Both of these rooms can be accessed by inquiring at the front desk.