Our Hxstory


Our unit was established from the advocacy efforts of Middle Eastern and South Asian students, staff, and faculty following the increased discrimination of these communities after 2001. The ME/SA Studies program played a huge role in this effort. The result was the creation of the Middle Eastern and South Asian Student Affairs Officer position who would provide holistic support to students as they navigated through college. As the needs of the community were identified, it became clear that the position would need extra resources to support the Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian communities on campus as the MENASA undergraduate community has been growing at UC Davis. 

The position then was divided between Student Affairs, while the academic counterpart worked closely as an academic advisor/program coordinator for ME/SA Studies. Today, the unit and ME/SA Studies Program work closely together despite being separate units. Our office under Student Affairs is known as Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian (MENASA) Student Resources to be more inclusive of the populations we serve.

These positions were previously held by Shyama Kuver, Geetanjali Vij, and Jinni Pradhan. Without their dedication, effort, advocacy and love for the community, MENASA Student Resources would not be what it is today.


The Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian (MENASA) Student Resources is a unit which falls under the Community Resource and Retention Centers umbrella. These centers provide resources, programs, and opportunities to students to help them develop personally and professionally.

Our mission is to provide holistic support to MENASA students at UC Davis. We approach the work through education, advocacy, and an intersectional lens.

Holistic Support 

  1. Student Wellness
  2. Community Building 
  3. Academic Support
  4. Advocacy
  5. Sense of Belonging
  6. Cultural Identity 

Our programs aim to touch on each of these holistic support themes. We also recognize that our students hold various identities which shape their experience on campus and how they interact with resources. We hope to facilitate accessing these resources while providing understanding in order to help students transition from high school into college successfully. Regardless of your major/minor, we are here to support you and help you on your journey through college!

We hope that students come to see UC Davis as their second family. Drop in at room 2406 in the Student Community Center to get more information about what MENASA Student Resources can do for you or click on the Events tab to learn more about the various events we have throughout the year!