Aggie Experience Live!

Aggie Experience Live MENASA

Welcome Future Aggies!

Congratulations on being admitted to UC Davis. We are so excited to call you family! We want to show you all the neat things our MENASA students are doing.If you haven't, take a look at this video and feel free to explore the website. Follow us on Instagram (@ucdavismenasa) for updates on campus life.

Additionally, if you would like to hear from students directly about their experience and advice to be successful on campus, please follow the following link to view our "Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian Welcome Panel"

This 40 minute recording will cover:

1) The relationship between ME/SA Studies and MENASA Student Resources
2) The various opportunities and programs that the MENASA Student Resources unit provides
3) See and hear from staff and students about their university experience and speak about advice for Middle Eastern, and South Asian students and families.

Please feel free to email Affaf Waseem, the Director of this office for more information.  
What are transfer students saying? 

Emilie Johal, Design Major, Art History Minor
Expected graduation date: June 2020

Where were you transferred from?
Las Positas College in Livermore, CA

How easy is it to find research and internship opportunities on campus?
I would say that if a student sets a goal to find an internship and works on making progress towards their goal every week they will find an internship that fits them. It's about staying motivated, keeping an open mind and cultivating connections.

What advice would you give incoming transfer students?
My advice for incoming transfer students is to spend time taking care of both emotional, spiritual and physical health. Success in your classes will come along with you taking care of yourself. I wish I would have known that grades are not more important than developing friendships and having hands on experiences.